A day with LactoJoy

20.07.2015 15:23

6:30 am.
 The alarm clock rouses me from my slumbers. Where was I? On St. Peter’s Square in Rome? I look out of my window – it’s drizzling. Oh, terrific. I jump out of bed, get myself ready and have a bowl of muesli with almond milk and fresh raspberries. At least I’m off to a good start on this rainy day.

9:54 am. I’m at my office and my boss comes by. "Will you be joining us later? Our department is expecting a visitor from Japan. We’ll be going out to lunch probably to Lorenzo‘s around the corner". "Yes, of course, I’ll join you," I say with a sense of relief that I remembered to put a box of LactoJoy tablets into my purse this morning. Thus equipped, the business lunch shouldn’t be a problem.

12:28 pm. We’ve ordered our food and raise a toast to our Japanese guest with the restaurant’s house wine; my stomach is already growling.

12:46 pm.  Finally. A plate of steaming tagliatelle al spinaci gorgonzola is placed in front of me. Immediately, this brings me back to my dream from this morning and I can’t suppress a smile. Now all I need to do is quickly take a LactoJoy tablet and I’m ready to enjoy my meal.

3:02 pm. It’s still drizzling. At this point, my iPhone buzzes. It’s a new message from Lara, my best friend: "How about meeting at Café Journal after work today? Around 5 pm? There’s something that I urgently need to tell you!"

5:23 pm. My pack of LactoJoy tablets is already in front of me when Lara and I succumb to a fit of laughter that makes the guests at the neighbouring table give us a puzzled look. Lara has already launched into another anecdote about her new boyfriend when the waiter brings delicious strawberry cream cake and café latte to our table. "Oh, yes, the lactase tablet, I almost forgot," I grin as I slide open the box, take out a tablet and slip it back into to my purse.

9:57 pm. Lara and I decide to close out the day at a newly opened jazz bar with a few friends. A round of Amaretto with cream is served with compliments of the house. "What do you think, how much dairy does it contain?" I ask the others. "Well, it obviously contains a bit but it’s such a small glass," Andi suggests. I think about it briefly and then I take the little black box back out of my purse, halve a tablet and enjoy my little Amaretto. "Oh, can I have one of those lozenges? I have a scratchy throat," Lorenz asks from the side. "Sorry, but these aren’t lozenges," I smile, "I only take these because of my lactose intolerance". "Lacto…what?" Lorenz asks sounding a bit hoarser. "Lactose intolerance – I don’t tolerate dairy, but with these I do," I respond while tapping auspiciously on the little black box with the cow. "Ah, now I understand," Lorenz responds as we clink our glasses. "So then, to a very lovely evening!"

On the way back home, I quickly order another pack of LactoJoy tablets with my iPhone as I ease into the weekend. According to the forecast, the sun will be out and I’m hoping to check out the new beach café.